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Find Mature Fun in Your Town!

Over 40 Dating Just For Cheeky Singles

They say experience is the best teacher, this phrase has really been drilled into me over the last few months. Meeting women has never been my strong point, I tend to find women my age a little immature and inexperienced. But recently I joined this site and started meeting older women, needless to say, it has changed my outlook on women completely, getting with an older women is no longer a taboo, all my friends were doing it, so I jumped ship.

“Meeting younger guys has always been a thrill for me, nothing wrong with that! I’ve been with plenty of older guys who simply couldn’t deliver the goods. Now that I have a younger man in my life, he can really fill the gap” - Anna, 42, Chester

“When I was younger I wouldn’t have ever thought about one night stands with younger guys. A few years ago me and a friend of mine went out for a couple of drinks in London, we met two lovely guys there, my friend got with one, leaving me with the other. At first I was a little bit skeptical, but it’s safe to say he performed well, let’s just say he hit the nail right on the head. ” Tina, 45, Essex

Over 40 dating has never been this easy. Our community welcomes men of all ages. We were going to start with a ‘normal’ dating site but we thought that would be boring, who wants to go on normal dates? We decided to spice things up a little. There are too many singles who want no-strings fun, life is too short, be naughty!

Older Women Dating Younger Men: The Ultimate Guide

What are guys looking for in a one night stand? Other than no commitment, they want a woman who knows how to really rock the boat, there is nothing more enticing that an older woman that knows how to seduce a man in the right ways. I’ve had my fair share of mature ladies, at first I wouldn’t dare think of it, but after meeting a couple of them and seeing how easy it was to get along with them, I went with it. There are a few things I have picked up since:

1) Be confident. Older women respond to this well, you both know what you are here for, so spill the beans, these women do not beat around the bush.
2) They’re Independant. Everyone meets that one girl that text/calls you every half hour. Forget it. These women don’t need the constant communication, older women are very secure and like being independent. Less headache, more action, that’s what I always say.
3) Be Direct. I cannot add enough emphasis to this, older women know what they want from a guy. Ask, and you shall receive…
4) She is not your ‘mummy’ - I shouldn’t have to explain this one…

Going On Your First ‘Mature’ Date.

So you’ve signed up and had a chat with a few of the women here, now it’s time to take the next step and meet them. No need to be nervous, older women with more experience both know where the night is going to end, it’s just a question of whose place you go back to really.

Just remember not to mention her age, or label her, she may be a Cougar or MILF in your eyes, and she probably likes the term, but some older women don’t, so steer clear, keep that one for your mates.